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Your 2018 Kitchen Refurbishment

As we move out of the 2017/8 ice age you might be thinking of  refurbishing your kitchen? Lifes... read more

Designer Walls To Die For:

Designer walls present a hard-wearing solution for any project requiring a stylish and high-end fini... read more

What Makes a Great Interior?

Whether you have an apartment or a house, crafting your interiors is as essential as your architectu... read more

Creative About Roof Space

Time is often key when you are working with tight planning regulations, space constraints and ever c... read more

Side-Return & Rear Extensions: Top Ten Tips

The side return and rear extension is one of the most common domestic building projects. The million... read more

Create Your Bespoke Heated Outdoors

Imagine dinning and entertaining outdoors during the cold winter months, without feeling the pinch o... read more

Bespoke Flooring: The Age of Opulence

Things get truly exciting when wood meets marble and is encircled with metal detail, and we are just... read more

Giving Your Home Some Sparkle and Being Energy Efficient

When you are planning those well lit dinner parties and gatherings over the festive season, being en... read more

The Best Roast In Town

Toaster ovens, slow cookers, and microwaves all have their place in the kitchen, but many people tur... read more

De-Clutter Before Christmas

Become a minimalist The idea of living a simplified, uncluttered life with less stuff sounds attra... read more

October Half Term and the Christmas Buzz Begins

Its here already! October Half-Term, Thanks Giving, Diwali and of course Christmas looming just 9 we... read more

Your Essential Kitchen Refurb 'To Do List'

Property renovation is almost a rite of passage for anyone hoping to climb the housing ladder but wi... read more

Breaking the Myth on Under-Floor Heating

What do you deem as healthy heating? With winter closer the weather has decided that it’s prob... read more

Bring the Outside in with Bespoke French Doors

French Doors are often chosen for their stylish appearance when space is at a premium, as they allow... read more

Creative Skylights for the Adventurous

Roof skylights and lanterns are one of best way of opening up your home to the potential of natural ... read more

Revamp Your Child's Room with Creativity

A creative family home is shaped by the children as well as the grown-ups who live there. At its bes... read more

Woodwork and Creative Carpentry:

There is nothing more exciting and opulent than having bespoke carpentry done in your home! With acc... read more

Remodelling Your Home Some Handy Tips:

Of all the areas of your home, it's safe to say the Utility/dinning areas get the most foot traffic ... read more

Convert Your Garage into an Additional bedroom

Are you looking for professional builders to extend your home with a garage conversion tailored to y... read more


Are you looking to extend or refurbish your current home? Or you may be looking at an investment pr... read more

Who Said Colour Doesnt Matter!

Are you craving a colourful new look but are stumped about where to start? After looking at ways to ... read more

Marble Mania is back and Milan loves it!

Marble has seen its fair share of creative handling and has become a favourite in many upscale resid... read more

Great lighting changes the look, mood and feel of a space...

The number of fixtures and placement of fixtures greatly depends on your kitchen's size, layout, and... read more

Fabulous Flooring to give character to even the smallest of spaces

Ceramic Flooring Styles Ceramic tile flooring and wall products come in a broad range of colors, te... read more

Textured Walls Are Back..And We Are Loving the Look!

When you texture the walls of your house, you accomplish two things. First, you transform boring-to-... read more

Essential Project Management

We often get distressed calls from new clients who have been left in the lurch by cowboy builders. E... read more

Space Invaders

Just imagine creating living space in that large void that's under the eaves of your house. A loft ... read more

Nolte Kitchens

The kitchen is at the heart of every home: it's where we cook, bring the family together, entertain,... read more

Kitchen Layout Ideas!

A central aspect to any kitchen design is the lifestyle of the family it needs to support. In many c... read more

Extend your house this Spring!

One of the most common domestic projects is the side return extension. The millions of terraced hous... read more

A conservatory is a brilliant addition to any home.

A new conservatory is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of adding more space to your ... read more

2016 Gadgets that will transform our homes!

Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator The Family Hub Refrigerator is a smart fridge with a gigantic 21.... read more

Bespoke Furniture

Design your own furniture!... read more

Trends for 2016!

As modern life gets busier and more pressured, our homes have become our sanctuaries. Centered aroun... read more

Expose the Brick Wall!

Exposing brick in your home can add character to any room. Older homes typically have brick undernea... read more

Christmas Table Decor

For a modern dining room table setting stick to white linens and a chic dinner set with subtle silve... read more

Is your kitchen ready for Christmas?

Christmas is coming soon! So if you are having family and friends over, don’t overlook your ki... read more

Cozy Decorating to Keep You Warm This Winter

As temperatures outside drop, it's time to bring some warmth back into your home. Use these tips and... read more

What can you do without Planning Permission?

For majority of building works, we need to apply for Planning Permission, however, there are certain... read more

Design your new kitchen with Nolte!

If you are thinking about kitchen refurbishment or kitchen extension, choose the supplier of your fu... read more

Are you looking to do a Side Extension?

Increase the Size and Value of your home by adding a Side Return Extension. Side return extension i... read more

What do you think of when you hear Halloween?

Most people would answer "ghastly costumes" or "scary stories", but there is much more to this day t... read more

Is your boiler ready for another winter?

Having a reliable and dependable boiler to provide hot water and heat is a daily essential. However,... read more

Autumn 2015 Colour Schemes!

Have you thought about the colours for your interiors this Autumn? Autumn is a magical time of year... read more

Insulate your Home!

As winter is approaching and temperatures are going down, it’s good time to do some annual mai... read more

Keeping the Kids in Mind

Term has started and the children are off to school: finally there’s some peace and quiet in t... read more

Are you looking for a Loft Conversion or an Extension before Christmas?

If all you want for Christmas is more space in your home, you will need to make a decision soon! In... read more

Do you always need an Architect?

Major building works at your home require a lot of planning and investment. Whether you plan to exte... read more

Increase the value of your home!

Moving home can be very daunting and expensive. The stamp duty is so high, one has to think twice! W... read more

Accessories to brighten your home!

We are all enjoying the lovely summer days and the full bloom gardens. You can do the same thing to ... read more

Need more space? Why not extend your house?

Extending your house is a brilliant solution if you want to add space and value to your property. Yo... read more

Space saving ideas for Studio Flats!

It doesn’t matter how small your studio flat is, there is nothing better than having your own,... read more

Maintenance Department

DO YOU NEED A PLUMBER OR A HANDYMAN?     Due to enquiries from our clients, Lifestyle... read more

The Modern Glass Look

Glass is an element which gives a sense of open space allows light whilst providing a barrier. Trans... read more

The Study Area

Design a study area in your home! An environment conducive to quiet and calm learning is essential ... read more

Different types of flooring

Are you looking for a specific type of flooring? Here is some information to help you make a decis... read more

Kitchen Lighting

Task and entertaining lighting! Give your kitchen a bold upgrade. It doesn't matter if your kitchen... read more

Move over grey - navy blue is the new shade we all want in our homes

We started the year with the shades of grey but all has changed now. It all began on the catwalk whe... read more

Camden refurbishment project completed

Case Study: Camden N7 Status: Completed Duration of work: 3 months The property: Terraced 3-... read more

Build your own pond

If you always wanted a pond, you are not alone. Thousands of homeowners already have them and thousa... read more


Genius minds of architects and interior designers are working together to come up with new and innov... read more

Upholstery & Fabrics!

From very simple plain fabrics to striped, multi colour, simple two colour floral designs to leather... read more

Spring Home Maintenance

Spring is here, a time when everyone seems to be buzzing away with energy and renovating or maintain... read more

My Green Home

We use a lot of energy but don’t tend to recycle! A growing number of people today want to hav... read more

Blown-Glass Clear Pendants

Your dining space is where family or friends gather to enjoy a nice home cooked meal together! &nbs... read more

Convert your basement into a living space

Loft conversions or extensions it's something we all hear about every day. What most homeowners don&... read more

Accent Walls

An accent wall is one wall within a single room that is markedly different and more interesting than... read more

Hot Tubs

A survey published by Lloyds Insurance indicated that 10 per cent of the country now has a hot tub. ... read more

Healthy Eating & Cooking

New Year means new resolution and for most of us its healthy eating and staying fit. If you have the... read more

Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is not only about decorations and cooking, it’s also about the wonderful time you sp... read more

Christmas Tableware

There’s no food like Christmas dinner, so make your Christmas table look extra special. Every... read more

Are you entertaining in your kitchen/diner?

Christmas is closer with every day and all we think about is planning a nice time with our family or... read more


  My favourite time of the year is almost here. Everything looks perfectly decorated but my f... read more

Protect your home from costly water leak damages!

Water leaks are unexpected and they cause damage to floors, ceilings, walls and possessions. Plus, t... read more

Happy Halloween!!

Are you entertaining a Halloween party? How much decoration is too much? We all know it's easy to e... read more

Keep it simple! Furniture and appliances for rental properties

It is important to have some furniture in your property when you rent it. An empty property will app... read more

What do you need to know when you are renting your property? Property tips for landlords

Long-time tenants are every landlords dream but how can you keep your tenants happy for long time an... read more

Modern well being- Aqua Clean Geberit WC

Whether you are washing your hands, taking a shower or enjoying a bath, water leaves you with a good... read more

Happy Friday - Relax in your cosy corner!

Weekend is here ! After a long busy week, all we need is some chill out time in our favorite cosy co... read more

The shades of Autumn

Don’t you just love the way how Mother Nature brings out her gorgeous shades of deep gold, yel... read more

Do you have a sexy cloakroom?

Designing a cloakroom is all about finding space solutions: • Most important thing is to have ... read more

Steam oven - deliciously healthy cooking!

Traditional ovens use hot air that is generated by heating elements in the oven walls and a fan dist... read more

Is your home ready for the winter?

Here is your home maintenance checklist for the end of the summer:  ... read more

Theatre Rooms

We recently talked about how women would love to have a big walk-in wardrobe in their homes. Let&rsq... read more

Laminate or hardwood floors?

Flooring is the most important item in your house because it is used all the time. In this case you ... read more

Which roof tiles benefits your house?

Concrete Tiles: Concrete roofing tiles offer elegant design and add value to your home. These tiles ... read more

Keep your house cool for summer!

Are you suffering through a hot  summer without air conditioning?We all know that the weather w... read more

How can you get more natural light in your home?

Increasing  natural light in your home or workplace will save electricity, decrease eyestrai... read more

Morning Showers to wake you up!

Morning shower can dictate your day so no matter where we live whether it’s a 2 bedroom, 4 ... read more

Project Completed SW19

Our latest project is completed. Read all about it in our case study Status:  Complete ... read more

How to utilize large spaces

We talked about how tricky it can be when decorating a small room but we never thought that large... read more

Create your own office at home!

We all enjoy spending time with our families but sometimes we love to have a private quiet place ... read more

Ideas for your staircase

Staircases are beautiful architectural details that always stands out no matter what the design i... read more

The perfect partner in your kitchen

The warming drawers can be used for a wide range of applications. Not only can crockery be pre-wa... read more

Refresh your patio!

The summer is almost here and it’s time to clear our Gardens again! We have discussed Garde... read more

Do you have the right patio furniture?

Now that the sun is out and the weather is lovely, you want to spend as much time as you can, out... read more

Hot Taps- Wake up to an instant cup of tea!

Are you a morning person? If not, how important is it for you to have your cup of tea or coffee r... read more

Which central heating radiators are most efficient?

Underfloor heating with no radiators on the walls has grown in popularity in recent years, but wh... read more

Personalize your Garden

Having a perfect garden when living in the city ,where space is a big issue, can be a challenge. ... read more

Are you considering a Glass Extension?

Every year, an incresing number of homeowners are investing in glass extensions for their home. ... read more

See what light can do to your home!

In the last 10 years, LED technology has progressed to become brighter than ever before. Now it c... read more

Which Kitchen Worktop to choose?

Spending a lot of time in the kitchen, you want to make sure that everything works according to y... read more

Home Automation

Home automation has been around for years but now it is easier for us to manage it, just by using... read more

What do you know about underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is not a new idea. It was widely used by Romans under "hypocaust" na... read more

Spring Colors for Your Room

Now that the winter is gone and the sun is out shining, Spring is a time of new begginings, so it... read more

Stylish Bathrooms for your home

After a long busy day, there's nothing better than a relaxing bath. Doesn't matter wh... read more

7 Ideas for an Outstanding Kitchen

As women we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so today we prepared some creative ideas that wil... read more

Tips for kids bedrooms

We all know how getting to bed can be tricky sometimes,so why not create for your child, from an ... read more

Home Interior Trends for 2014

Ideas for your home Every year brings new trends in interiors that help define taste and mood... read more

Kitchen Refurbishment Project

The Project:  A traditional family home in South West London The Client: A couple w... read more

Top Tips - Rear House Extensions

Following our last blog on ‘Considering extending your home in 2014?’ We have come up... read more

Full House Refurbishment Project - Wimbledon SW19

Project: Five Bedroom Victorian House Wimbledon SW19 A complete refurbishment of five be... read more

Are you considering extending your home in 2014?

Thinking of having an extension, loft conversion or refurbishment in 2014?  Whether you'... read more

Top 10 tips when looking for a building company

Renovating or Extending your home is stressful and can be a complicated process. If you are looki... read more

Refurbishment - Riverside Court - Battersea- SW11

Project: Full refurbishment,  Riverside Court Battersea SW11 We have begun the full refu... read more

Our latest projects

Projects Update: We are busy at Lifestyle Design + Build with some great new projects coming ... read more

Extension, Loft Conversion & Full Refurbishment - SW19

Project:  Three bedroomed house in SW19 For this current project we are carrying out a f... read more

Refurbishment - Lavender Sweep Battersea SW11

Project: Four bedroomed Victorian House refurbishment in Lavender Sweep   Battersea SW11... read more

How to enjoy a heart warming fire this winter.

As the days are getting shorter and shorter there is nothing more comforting than sitting around ... read more

Keep your house warm for a cosy winter.

Autumn is here and as we are all taking out our woollen jumpers, cashmere scarves and gloves to k... read more

What is your ideal kitchen?

At Lifestyle we believe each kitchen is as unique as you are. Designed around you it will suit yo... read more

Lifestyle Autumn look: Sophisticated Georgian Inspiration

This Autumn Lifestyle is inspired by the sophisticated Georgian Townhouse style and offers you a ... read more

How to decorate your rental property

Following numerous enquiries from landlord and landlady on how to give their property the right d... read more

Tenant proof property

 Lifestyle has put together a selection of "TENANT-PROOF" products designed to ins... read more

Designs imitating Nature to improve our homes

When it comes to beautiful and ingenious design Nature is the best inspiration. Architect and des... read more

Lifestyle Tips - On-site Survival

In an ideal world your dream house would magically appear, ready to move in by snapping your fing... read more

Loo: innovative & stylish design

In the UK every person uses approximately 150 litres of water a day, a figure that has been growi... read more

Smart Storage

Stairway to storage heaven..... Stairs have a lot of unused space beneath them and could prov... read more

Smarten your home with your iPhone

Do you feel like you cannot live without your iPhone or iPad? New technology that helps you contr... read more

Save up to 10% on your electricity bill with the voltage stabiliser

What is the Voltage Stabiliser? This simple device is directly installed on your existing fus... read more

Solar energy solutions for your home

How could you benefit from solar electricity? Reduce your carbon footprint: Solar electri... read more

Loft Conversion in Eardley Road, Streatham

The clients: A professional couple with two children living in a Victorian semi-detached house in... read more

Lifestyle tips for a greener home

Most people like the idea of "greening" their home, but many are daunted by complex tec... read more

Are you planning a loft conversion, house extension or internal building work?

    This spring we have dealt with the highest planning application for Lo... read more

Lifestyle Spring Summer Inspirations

  Vote on our Facebook page for your favorite inspiration! The winner look will be f... read more

Lifestyle Interiors Favorite Trends

The bathroom has now become an essential room in the house and we want more from it than just a s... read more

How lighting can improve the finish of my house?

How can I choose the right lighting ? We are here to help you evaluate your needs so you are ... read more

What is the process if I wanted interior design services?

Our interior designer answers some frequently asked question...   What is the proces... read more

What is the average cost of an Extension or Loft Conversion

A Kitchen side extension for a family home of 3 to 4 bedroom can cost in average around &poun... read more

Building Services

Evaluate your needs Why do we need the extra space? Is your family growing? Are you now w... read more

Creating Space in your Home

1-Evaluate your needs. Why do we need the extra space? Is your family growing? Are you no... read more

Entertaining in Your Kitchen

Whether you want to have a couple of friends over for dinner at the last minute, or hold a full b... read more

Do I need Planning Permission?

Do you need planning permission for your house extension? How will this affect the process of get... read more

Concept to Completion

Why should you use a single company to design, build and supply the products for your home improv... read more

Bring warmth into your home:

The right rugs can really make a difference to your home, bringing warmth, character and visual a... read more

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